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PIANOID – sounds like an awesomely weird movie titel. The inspiration for the 2D animation short occurred to Janina Putzker during her entrance examination at the Filmakademie. Keep reading to find out more about the background story plus how a rabbit played into this.

Janina: "The idea and first animatic version (animated storyboard) of PIANOID was created during my entrance examination for the Filmakademie. I had 72 hours to come up with a story based on a photo and to visualize it. If I remember correctly, the picture showed a rabbit with dark sunglasses on the back seat of a car driving with two serious-looking people - or something like that.

I remember that I was very frustrated because after the first day I didn't have an idea that convinced me. When my good friend and colleague Regina Haselhorst discovered the black cloud above my head, she forced me to go outside and walk across the fields to reboot my brain. I am still grateful for her advice today because after that I finally decided on one of the ideas and was able to work out the concept in the remaining 48 hours – and I actually passed the exam.

I would never have thought that I would develop and implement this idea in the 2nd year at the Filmakademie, in "Experimental filmmaking 2". So again, I invested 6 weeks and and *woopp* - the film was there. Of course it wasn't that easy - time was short, but luckily I had a great team that supported me. Among others, Regina Haselhorst (author) helped me to get the story in shape. I am especially grateful to Sabine Koops, who helped me to draw the wonderfully stupid facial expressions of the main character. Last but not least, Stephan Schelens and Denis Elmaci played the absurd music and sound level and combined it with the wonderful voice of Sebastian Ingenfeld.

The film was very well received at festivals and won a Short Tiger Award, among others. The prize money helped me to start my next project SMOSH MOSH."


Director: Janina Putzker
Film Music: Stephan Schelens
Sounddesign: Denis Elmaci
Animation: Janina Putzker, Sabine Koops, Daniel Leyva
Executive Producer: Moritz Mugler
Narrator/Voice Actor: Sebastian Ingenfeld