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February 2019: Good Night, Everybuds!

This month, Benedikt Hummel will take you behind the scenes of his Annie Award nominated film Good Night, Everybuds! (Director: Benedikt Hummel | Producer: Stefan Michel).

"Good Night, Everybuds! is a film about cozy sexuality, cuddling, love and embracing the slow - a manifesto for sensuality and being fulfillingly close.

During my year off at the Filmakadmie, while also freelancing, I decided to finally engage in a free and personal project. While spending my time in Barcelona, I began to explore what would happen if forced to publish three little, intuitively done art pieces a week. This led to the beginnings of my comics- and illustration-series In The Nude. At that time unintended, this was to define the essence of our diploma film Good Night, Everybuds! years later. Until the beginning of the diploma semesters, the series grew to more than a hundred episodes and opened up a rich pool of loose ideas, thoughts and moody worlds.

I quickly came to the conclusion that I wanted to create a classic animated film, despite actually studiyng Interactive Media. I wanted to craft a piece where I could freely express myself one last time in my career at the Filmakademie. And as the diploma semesters approached, it happened quite naturally to draw elements from the In The Nude pool to be used for diploma inspiration. At that time In The Nude had already grown to be a huge collection to provide a fruitful foundation to create a personal film that let me pour out my heart one last time before entering the serious post-academic world of work and worship.

And so, assembled from In The Nude comic strips, our diploma film Good Night, Everybuds! was born- with strip #28 "Good Night, Cactus!" serving as the literal starting point of the entire project. The mood that In The Nude had already began to explore, was taken even further by Everybuds through the means of the motion picture and lead to a film about cozy sexuality, sensuality and love, soaked in moody imagery of gentle sleep and melancholic dozings. Our small team managed to efficiently have the film reach all of the senses that it aims to adress. Andreas Pfeiffer delivering the film's score and Lena Beck assembling a moody sound design interpreted the soundscape of the piece, Matisse Gonzalez supported animation work and Stefan Michel took care of the production-end.

I hadn't had the honour to embark on a festival run, so I was especially grateful for our film to be gracefully welcomed by audiences and festivals, which allowed us to go to far-off places supporting our film. The journeys even brought us to Los Angeles for the renowned Annie Awards. Diving head first into the vibey Hollywood Glamour had us taste a drop of the exciting film bizz for a second. However only to realize that even this is not a guarantee for the orderbook to be bursting from inquiries and that work for our newly founded Studio Seufz is not that easily kickstarted as the naive Bohemian dreamily expects.

But cheeks filled with inspiration from travels to festivals still provides fuel for healthy optimism and euphoria in this new chapter of running a studio and gratefully helps run this timid engine and steer it towards juicy explorations of life and love."


Director: Benedikt Hummel
Producer: Stefan Michel
Sound Design & Mix: Lena Beck
Music: Andreas Pfeiffer
Additional Animation : Matisse Gonzalez