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November 2018: Child

This month we dive into the black and white world of Child (Director: Iring Freytag, Viktor Stickel, Linus Stetter | Producer: Paul Maresch, Iring Freytag, Viktor Stickel). Iring and Viktor had to face some personal challenges:

"Child tells the story of a child who has to leave its sheltered hut to find firewood in the cold world. This search becomes a life task. This is the synopsis of the short film that was completed at Animationsinstitut in June 2016 and has travelled the world at festivals over the past two years.

What can be formulated so simply in two sentences is indeed a distillate from 2.5 years of intensive work. Our Facebook page already illustrates and documents the content and technical hurdles we have successfully overcome. But there is something that we have left in the dark until now: Child is also the story of a friendship that has undergone a major change through this project.

It is the story of three students who, as part of their diploma project, have set themselves the task of jointly developing and implementing an animated short film. While a healthy mixture of compromise and egoism enlivened the idea finding process, this relationship became unbalanced in the pre-production phase. This was followed by a loss of confidence and doubts. So when you go backstage, Child also tells you, incidentally, how sensitive and fragile such equal, collaborative processes can be. Only a separation heralded a change of direction and finally led to the completion of the film. In the end, however, both aspects of such a collaboration, the positive and the negative, are inseparably united in this project. Only through this encounter did Child get the face it has today."