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BOOXZE tells the dark story of a fishing couple who find a mysterious box. The VFX project was created during the Set Extension Workshop - shot in front of a green screen. Producer Nina Schwarz recounts how the story was found for BOOXZE:

"One of the most exciting processes of the Set Extension Workshop is story-finding. Right in the first week, students from the fields of animation, set design and camera from different academic years meet and are divided into four groups. Together, the group the students work on a possible script. After only a few days these usually very different stories are then pitched in front of the group. Most of the teams had even already created moods and first concepts.

There were four very different stories to choose from in our year. Each of us students had two votes to choose which project should be done.

The special thing about our voting was that all students had given one of the two votes for the idea of Booxze. There had never been such a clear election result before. Everybody in the group had the desire and pleasure to work on the project, which is why the team succeeded in producing the longest short film to date that was created during the Set Extension Workshop."


Director: Till Sander-Titgemeyer, Diego Hauenstein
Cinematography: Jan Robin Weiland
VFX Supervision: Mario Bertsch
Film Music: Benedikt Immerz
Sounddesign: Niklas Menschik
Visual Effects: Linda Krauss, Wunna Winter, Verena Nomura, York v. Sydow, Enzio Probst
Executive Producer: Nina Schwarz
Compositing: Lukas Löffler, Witold Pluzanski
Actor/ Protagonist: Denise Hasler, Christopher Parkinson