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Irina Rubina


The swirl of life brought Irina Rubina to this world as a Muscovite. But the smell of fresh pretzels drew her to Germany. She jumped into art in Brunswick, Germany, then pushed off and dove into the mathematical ocean in Berlin. But beneath the surface she realized that the deeper she delved, the darker it became. She was afraid to end up in the Black Square, so she decided to make another 180-degree turn. On the way back she came across a school of fish. It was so colorful and had moved so elegantly that she simply had to swim behind it. She tried to retain its bright colors and graceful plasticity. When she turned her eyes away from the fish, she found herself in the Animationinstitut at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. And till this day she swims happily with her animation swarm there… If she is not in Paris looking for other fish…


2016 Power Game (audiovisual production for Ensemble Modern/CRESC Bienalle/ with a musical composition by Martin Grütter)
2015 Jazz Orgie (animated film / FMX 2016 Trailer)
2014 No Title (experimental animated film)
2013 Seething Beneath (v ideo projekcion)
2013The Hell, it is what you are (experimental short film)
2013 The melting point of the sun (short film)
2012 The Translator (animation)
2011 Rainbow Dreams (animation)
2011 Inside Out (animation)

Ghaith Al-Adwan


Ghaith Al-Adwan, born on the 11th of August 1991 in Amman/Jordan, is a Jordanian Film Director, 3D Generalist and a Digital Artist. It all started with the passion of doing the impossible by creating a world that does not exist and make others believe it. Maybe this is why I started doing Magic and Card tricks, since it carries the same concept of making the impossible possible. In 2009 I started my Bachelor studies in Design and Visual Communications in the German Jordanian University, where I had the chance to study a year abroad in Germany in 2012/2013 in the Köln International School of Design. In this year I had the opportunity to improve my skills and my German language by doing a 20 weeks internship in film and commercials composting field by The MARMALADE company in Dusseldorf.

During my studies in the German Jordanian University I had the opportunity to broaden my horizon in all aspects of design and film, where I had tens of jobs, with local and international companies and institutions like ARTE TV and The Royal Film Commission. I have worked as a director, editor, storyboard artist, VFX supervisor, 3D artist and compositor. I have also participated in couple of workshops, for directing, editing, sound mixing and digital post-production.

In September 2014, after I finished my 5 years design study, I decided to specialize in the post-production in general and animation and visual effects in specific. This is where I started my diploma studies at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany.


2015 Droolpool (Producer, Matte painter)
2015 Planeta de Queso (Producer)
2015 Jazz Orgie (FMX 2016 Trailer, Producer)
2014 Cleopatra (Producer)