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The idea behind Dream Lab is that the International Festival of Animation in Stuttgart represents creativity, ideas and dreams. So every film which is shown at the ITFS went trough a process of developing within dealing and experimenting with diffferent aspects. And our "moon" at the end of the trailer stands for one of these films which will be archived in a big salmagundi of other moons. Like they do at the ITFS: Collecting all these amazing animation films which went trough an creative procedure.

Our team got in touch for the first time at a workshop in the black forrest. During this workshop we played around with the first ideas and finally we ended up with the topics "dreams" and "morpheus" in a democratic way. These subjects turned out to be very versatile because everyone has another imaginary of dreams and the world which belongs to it. We tried to go away from the cliches and we gave a funky and crazy taste to it. We very much liked the idea that somewhere else an old godly senior hippie is creating our dreams.

Another challenge was that we needed to develope three different kind of products (Trailer, Game and an Experience Trailer for the Game) in a very short amount of time. So everyone of these nine creative individuals needed to manage different tasks which he never touched before. In that case our semester turned out as quite busy, funny, trying and exciting at the same time.

As mentioned we developed a game called Dream Makers beside to the official trailer. It is a Virtual Reality (VR) cooperative game for two players taking place in the Dream Lab. The two players have to keep the communication alive to combine the right ingredients and reach the desired dream using a VR device and a tablet. The game demands physical movement, creativity and decision-making. Its unique and fun so thats why it was also shown at the VR Village at the Siggraph Los Angeles 2017.

Length: 00:58, Technique: 3D computer

Director: Pascal Schelbli
Producer: Aleksandra Todorovic, Dimosthenis Gkantzos
Technical Directing: Lukas Gotkowski