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  • Urban Cowboiz

    2016, 10:00 min.

    The humoristic iOS game Urban Cowboiz is about riding through a stylized world of self-staging.

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  • Reading against the Wind

    2016, 03:31 min.

    "Looking like dyslexia“ – about the appearance of dyslexia and the dissolving words. A view from the inside of an dyslexic humans mind.

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  • Seeking the Void

    2016, 01:30 min.

    Bridge broken paths, solve ancient puzzles and bring a mystical lotus flower to bloom. Use the camera to discover new perspectives and ...

  • Murks Manifaktur

    Murks' Manifaktur

    2016, 02:45 min.

    Get your hands dirty and turn into a money hungry handicraftsman in Murks interactive gaming installation. Don't give a crap about screwing ...

  • Lipola

    2015, 30:00 min.

    Duality, opposition, contrast and clarity. In a world out of black and white a couple fights hopefully for a future in peace and ...