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  • Elemental

    2017, 01:20 min.

    Imagine. Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

    Four elements, driven by the energy and rhythm of nature, emerging into something new.

    FMX2017 ...

  • Shine

    2016, 04:03 min.

    Two male, glowing creatures start a fight over trying to impress a female. Each one of them wants to win her over by giving a better light ...

  • BreakingPoint

    2016, 02:20 min.

    What if someone has to become something greater than just human to save their family?

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  • Ein Krötenlied

    Song of a Toad

    2016, 07:15 min.

    Svobodan lives his life carrying an old choleric toad on his head.

    An animated short about a stressed out modern human being.

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  • In One Drag

    2016, 03:05 min.

    It’s late in the evening. A man leaves a building, lights a cigarette and smokes it in one drag. He casually flicks the stub away – ...

  • Child

    2016, 09:12 min.

    A child has to leave its hut to collect wood for the fire that went out. The search for suitable wood becomes a life's work.

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  • Fields Of Rape

    2016, 10:40 min.

    Far from here lies a giant field of rape.

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  • About Want and Need

    2016, 04:46 min.

    There are a Iot of strange and abstruse ways of dealing with loss. Instead of treating himself, Will prefers giving therapy to his bird ...

  • Face the Darkness

    2016, 01:13 min.

    Conquer, Drink, Reapeat.

  • Reading against the Wind

    2016, 03:31 min.

    "Looking like dyslexia“ – about the appearance of dyslexia and the dissolving words. A view from the inside of an dyslexic humans mind.

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  • Space Cocks

    2016, 01:30 min.

    Prepare to be dazzled by crazy cocks racing on a rainbow rollercoaster in space, "cock-a-doodle-doo"!!!

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  • Seeking the Void

    2016, 01:30 min.

    Bridge broken paths, solve ancient puzzles and bring a mystical lotus flower to bloom. Use the camera to discover new perspectives and ...

  • Murks Manifaktur

    Murks' Manifaktur

    2016, 02:45 min.

    Get your hands dirty and turn into a money hungry handicraftsman in Murks interactive gaming installation. Don't give a crap about screwing ...

  • Los Mariachis

    2016, 01:20 min.

    The 'Los Mariachis' trio uses the enchanting gift of mexian folk music to brighten up the day of overworked people. The catchy tune of ...