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| Festival News: February 2019

Greetings from Los Angeles: Five student teams are currently on the road in the city of angels. Augenblicke (Director/Producer: Kiana Naghshineh) and MindPalace (Director: Carl Krause, Dominik Stockhausen | Producer: Malte Stehr | Technical Lead: Nikolai Maderthoner) were both nominated for an Annie Award, while the VFX teams of Ratatoskr (Director: Meike Müller | Producer: Lena-Carolin Lohfink), Chocolate Man (Director: Murat Goenueltas | Producer: Gabriel Waldvogel) and Proxima-b (Director: Stefan Bürkner | Producer: Johanna Röder, Estella Suplit) were nominated for an VES Awards.

All we can say is: We are super proud of all the teams, so a huge round of applause goes to all nominees and winners of the past month!

There were actually quite a lot of them:

Blieschow (Director: Christoph Sarow | Producer: Lena-Carolin Lohfink) was selected for the International Competition of the ITFS.

Augenblicke, Fuse (Director: Shadi Adib | Producer: Stefan Michel), Ratatoskr, Shine (Director: Alexander Dietrich, Johannes Flick | Producer: Mareike Keller), Child (Director: Viktor Stickel, Iring Freytag, Linus Stetter | Producer: Paul Maresch) and BreakingPoint (Director: Martin Lapp | Producer: Anica Maruhn, Tobias Gerginov) were selected for the Tehran International Animation Festival.

Things are also running smoothly for team Fuse: the short film is shown at the Watersprite International Student Film Festival, the Oxford Film Festival in the USA, the Bamberg Short Film Festival and the Void International Animation Film Festival in Copenhagen. Fuse will also be featured at the Animac Festival in Spain, the Omaha Film Festival in Nebraska, the Cinécran in France, the Kontrast Bayreuther Filmfest, the Ca'Foscari Short Film Festival in Italy, the Monstra Animation Festival in Portugal and the Filmfest Dresden.

Paris You Got Me (Director: Julie Böhm | Producer: Aleksandra Todorovic, Ann-Katrin Boberg) continues its successful festival run: The dance film won the "Special Jury Award for the Best Silent Film" at the Independent Talents International Film Festival, the "Best Student Film" award at the White Rocks Film Festival, USA and is one of the "top ten music films" at the China International Micro Films Exhibition. Paris You Got Me will also be shown in the dance film programme of the International Short Film Week Regensburg.

Augenblicke won the "Best Animation" prize at the Bucharest Short Film Festival, was selected by the International Short Film Week Regensburg for the German Competition, and runs at Anifilm Czech Republic in the category "International Student Films Competition".

Congratulations to all winners and fingers crossed for the nominees