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  • Digital Actor: Albert Einstein

    2017, 02:22 min.

    The research lab at Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg brought Albert Einstein back to life.

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  • On Your Way

    2017, 06:41 min.

    Life is like gravity because we all are attracted by death. That is what Adam realizes after he wakes up in free fall, somewhere in the ...

  • BreakingPoint

    2016, 02:20 min.

    What if someone has to become something greater than just human to save their family?

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  • Ein Krötenlied

    Song of a Toad

    2016, 07:15 min.

    Svobodan lives his life carrying an old choleric toad on his head.

    An animated short about a stressed out modern human being.

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  • Skywriters VFX

    2016, 00:49 min.

    “Skywriters VFX” is a case study that makes a real documentary style film shoot possible within a virtual created environment.

    As a part ...