A Pan-European Innovation Alliance of Animation, Media Arts & Cultural Creative Industries


PANEURAMA addresses mismatches between the output of educational institutions and the needs of the animation, computer games, and VFX industries, particularly in the areas of technological development, work environment and soft skills, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship.


By connecting relevant education and industry partners, PANEURAMA will establish a baseline for market needs, identify areas where teaching and training are discordant, and use this knowledge to prepare students and graduates for the emerging needs of their prospective careers. In doing so, the project aims to build resilience into the European animation, gaming, and media arts sectors.




PANEURAMA - A three year programme co-founded by the European Union.
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Christian Müller Head of 3rd Party Productions & Talent Initiatives +49 7141 969 82817
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Lukas Holzwarth Assistant Beyond Studies +49 7141 969 82818