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3000 years ago, war and famine tore apart the clans of Britain. To one peaceful tribe this conflict with a former ally meant its downfall. As lone survivor, Sindaret, the chief’s son, travels into the Otherworld to free the lost souls of his tribal brothers. Only he can reunite his tribe and show them their path to the afterlife.

An Sí, the Otherworld, is a peaceful and beautiful place. But the horrors of war, the suffering and hunger have transformed it into a prison for the lost souls. Sindaret has to find his way in this environment, and cross the ruins of his village and the battlefield. To rescue the souls of his family and friends, and to reestablish balance in the Otherworld he has to reunite his tribe and prepare it for the great journey.

River is a story exploration game designed for Oculus Touch. The player uses the Oculus Touch controllers to navigate Sindarets small boat, and to explore the world of the game. During the course of the game, the player gains insights into life during the Bronze Age. River conveys positive values and gives the player the opportunity to uncover the story step by step.