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VR NOW is a project-based talent development initiative for graduates of Filmakademie as well as of tertiary institutions cooperating with Filmakademie (alumni). Professionals (artists, producers, information scientists, persons interested in in VR and AR technology and the like) are invited to further develop their concepts into presentable prototypes at Filmakademie's Animationsinstitut.

MFG Baden-Württemberg will support the teams in the development of their prototypes with extensive funding and specific offers in the area of entrepreneurial qualification.

This virtual reality field is broadly construed to include all types of simulations, applications, and projects in virtual environments such as VR experiences / VR games / VR animations / VR installations / augmented reality (AR) as well as technology-oriented approaches to pro-duction based on VR and AR. The aim of the initiative is to ensure that innovative content in the field of virtual realities is expressed at the highest artistic and technical level in an evaluation-oriented manner.


Primarily, teams that include graduates of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and tertiary institutions cooperating with Filmakademie can apply. A team must cover all areas relevant for their project (such as Director, Games Direction, Interaction Design, Look, Technical Directing or Producing). It is possible for several functions to be assigned to one primarily responsible person at the same time, as long as this is clearly designated in the application.

The initiative is aimed at adult applicants. Their graduation must have taken place within the past 5 years. Some of a team’s members may come from other federal states of Germany or from abroad.


Up to six project teams will be selected by a pre-jury and invited to further consultations and workshops in Ludwigsburg and to visit FMX 2020. This phase will be financially supported with a nomination premium of EUR 1,500 per team to cover travel and accommodation costs.

  • December 2019: Nomination of up to six teams
  • Early 2020: In-depth consultations and events in preparation of pitches
  • February 2020: Pitches to an international expert jury where up to three projects will be selected
  • May 2020: VR NOW Program at FMX 2020
  • April to December 2020: Development phase from concept to prototype at Animationsinsti-tut