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Pflicht für TD3 und TD4 | Offen für A3, A4, IM3 und IM4

Exploration of Immersive Spaces - Technology Trends in Virtual and Augmented Reality

workshop with hands on state-of-the-art Virtual and Augmented Reality technology and content at Studio 2 of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Introduction and Setup (day 1)

Lectures, Experiences and Demos (day 2 & 3)

The first three days will be filled with 20 minute lectures and practical examples by…

Eric Joris and Chantalla Pleiter (CREW) are among the advant gard of immersive content creation, exploring those spaces for over 15 years. Eric’s lecture will give active guidance in how to create immersive contents, including ‘do’s and dont’s’. Currently, CREW is preparing for a prominent immersive exhibition at Buchmesse in Frankfurt.

On his long term journey to bring his own VR projects to life, Andrew Daffy spent a few weeks with virtual reality pioneers FRAMESTORE VR, NEW YORK and directed the AVENGERS VR EXPERIENCE for the new Samsung GearVR headsets. Armed with tales of reckless rule breaking, and suffering the nausea along the way, he recounts his experiences in this very new unchartered territory. As well as touching on the rendering and technical aspects of making VR, his key focus is on story, 360 previz, the psychological importance of defining the VR ‘self’ and the 'social responsibility' involved in showing people VR for the first time.

Marc Zimmermann (Epicscapes) will be giving insight on the creation of ‘Longing for Wilderness’, a VR-Ride created in the scope of the VR-Now  initiative of Filmakademie.

Vincent Jacobs (iMinds) is working on custom 360 camera rigs, stitching software and tools for immersive content creation. He will bring a custom camera rig and explain the implications of shooting in 360 degrees.

Benjamin Rudolf (Nau Hau) will provide insight to the Google Tango Platform which is expected to be supported by mass market devices this year. Benjamin is also part of a team that was rewarded with the VR-Now initiative for project ‘Koshu VR’.

Oliver Grau is leading Intel’S effort in the Intel Visual Computing Institute. He will give some insights on Intel’s Realsense Technology and report on some on-set tools developed as part of the Dreamspace project and how they can be used for immersive projects.

Volker Helzle and Simon Spielmann (Filmakademie R&D)will introduce VPET, a tool for Virtual (Reality) Production. This includes a short history of early approaches using VR & AR HMDs and future endeavors. The R&D team was also involved in the ‘Longing for Wilderness’ production and will discuss how immersion was intensified using various technological advancements.

During all first days of the students are expected to form interdisciplinary teams and work collaboratively on and immersive content ideas in active exchanges with the lecturers.

24 Hours VR Hackathon (day 4)

The student teams realize their idea within 24 hours (supported by lecturers)


Bei IM Pflicht für:

1. Jana Beyer / TG Producer - 5 Tage 2. Caty Blättermann / TG Artist - 5 Tage 3. Liliya Ivanova / TG Director - 5 Tage 4. Philipp Monjoie / TG Producer -  3 Tage 5. Ricarda Saleh / TG Director - 3 Tage