Facial Expression Repertoire

The Facial Expression Repertoire provides a wide range of multimedia reference materials intended for the animator as a guideline for all kinds of facial animation projects. It consists of a database of categorized facial expressions including emotions, physical states as well as other non-verbal facial conduct such as conversational expressions. These expressions are presented in various formats: still images, video clips and written explanations of the makeup and usage of each expression will be provided. The database is meant to serve as a repertoire for any animated character, offering to the animator a library of appropriate, expressive options to choose from.


Facial Expressions are broken down into their constitutive components utilizing standard FACS conventions. The facial expressions will therefore be coded as objective FACS scores which may be entered into any FACS compatible Facial Animation Setup. Nevertheless we recognize that not every animator is familiar with FACS, therefore we illustrate and discuss the structure of Facial Expressions in general terms.


This library is meant to be an actor's reference somewhat like a modern version of 19th century pantomime manuals. It is the result of extensive literary research mainly in the field of psychology. Some of the materials had to be simplified and adopted to the specific needs of an actor/animator who is concerned with facial expression primarily as a story-telling device.



Follow this link to access the FER microsite.