Virtual Production

Virtual Production is described as ÔÇťa collaborative and interactive digital filmmaking process which begins with virtual design and digital asset development and continues in an interactive, nonlinear process throughout the production.ÔÇŁ (Sargeant, Morin, Scheele, VES Handbook of VFX 2015).

Such production techniques evolved as an essential tool for Filmakademie productions during the last years. The goal hereby is to increase creativity in a hands-on filmmaking process while reducing post-production. The R&D lab has engaged in multiple research projects up to EU level to realize a truly interactive filmmaking experience. This includes the use of game engine technology, as well as practical tools to interact with established film pipelines. State-of-the-art hardware like real-time camera matchmove, motion capture, virtual and augmented reality systems support this effort.

The research on Virtual Production, and its democratisation, is an ongoing effort at Animationsinstitut, representing the unique opportunity for collaborative filmmaking involving all departments at Filmakademie.