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"The Facial Animation Toolset served as a solid foundation for our in-house animation system used in Spec Ops The Line (Distinguished with 6 prices at the German Game Developer Award 2012 - see also this FMX2012 presentation)".- Marco Roeth, Animation Lead at Yager

"I have seen the results of the Toolset in a VFX production with a digital double - the results are clearly convincing".- Parag Havaldar, Sr. Software Engineer at Sony Picture Imageworks

"The Facial Animation Toolset has been very helpful in my debut film Lost &Found Box of Human Sensation which features human and abstract characters alike".- Martin Wallner - Independent Filmmaker

"I've been impressed with the exceptional face animation tools, developed by the Filmakademie. I have followed their development from the beginning. They bring a new level of realism to games, VFX and virtual human design. When I wrote Virtual Humans these tools were not yet available. They are changing the game in a very positive way".- Peter Plantec - Writer, Digital Artist and Software Designer

"We used the Toolset to recreate historic personalities for a VFX production and I was quite surprised by the fidelity of the facial movements".- Sven Dreesbach, Sr. Nuke Artist at Psyop

"The quality of the non-linear deformations is simply stunning, muscle group movements and fine nuances can easily be adapted to any character".- Karlheinz Watermeier, Principal Animator at Crytek

"The Filmakademie Toolset allows one to generate surprisingly believable and versatile facial rigs with a quick and polished workflow. Seeing one's creations come to life using the tools - it's still a magical experience".- Christoph Biehn, Senior Staff Technical Artist at Sony Computer Entertainment of America

"Using the tools allowed us to enhance our production pipelines and shorten times for creating believable character animation".- Filippo Costanzo, Head of Research and Development at Activision

"I love to work with this toolset - creating the rig and facial animation for the ITFS Trailer Drop was straight forward and saved a lot of time".- Gottfired Mentor, Former Animation Student at Filmakademie