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With the “Group-Reactive VR Cinema” the Animationsinstitut presents a state-of-the-art extension to multi-user synchronized VR by combining linear films with game-like interaction.

A synchronized VR cinema allows the presentation of linear VR content for a large audience in one room at the same time. The users share their experience with their seatmates while profiting from a time-synced centralized high quality sound playback.

We elaborated on concepts that suggest an additional interactive part and developed an environment which helps to accustom the user to both the virtual reality and the accompanying hardware by providing a space, in which they can interact with the surrounding in a collaborative and playful manner. After putting on the goggles, the users see each other as abstracted avatars, while interaction objects can be discovered and triggered.

Currently several versions are available, for instance a realistic cinema and a more abstract space made of hexagonal wall patterns.

Fabian Schaub: Game Designer, Development
Kai Götz: Art-Direction
Philipp Obländer und Felix Niedrich: System Operators
Christian Müller: Production

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